Saturday, 17 September 2011

Heat-rays farewell gig

You know when you have one of them shows when things just don't go according to plan?

Tonight was the farewell gig one of Hull's most popular metal bands Heat-ray whom we are all sad to see leaving the scene but as we all know have their reasons. Iron Harvest opened proceedings with style, now with guitarist Chris Best on vocals too, the band have improved tenfold and provided a perfect opening slot for this gig.

We was up next, we opened up with the title track from our new album 'North of Nowhere' the crowd started off a little small but as the set went on more and more people came up to see us. Halfway through 'The Longest Day' Dan's guitar seemed to cut out, its always weird to hear a song without one of the instruments, i don't think the crowd noticed too much hopefully.

Not long after the guitar incident Alex cymbal decided to implode on him leaving him drumming like some sort of retarded ape, but in true XIII fashion the band decided to leave him like it and laugh at him instead of helping him and as Dan said after one of the songs "It wouldn't be a XIII gig if something didn't go wrong", how true that statement is!

We also debuted a new song 'Down 'n' Out', which we have never played live before and we played it almost perfectly and the crowd seemed to love it, which is always a bonus.

All in all a fun set with the crowd laughing along with our mishaps and realizing maybe today wasn't a day for XII to play a serious bad-ass gig, unlike Pastel Jack who followed us and gave what could only be described as a good ass-kicking. Being friends with Pastel Jack, we knew how much a good gig at this time meant to them and their set was nothing short of amazing with the crowd hanging onto every one of Neil's words.

We should be touring with Pastel Jack in the near future and if tonight show is anything to go by then they are going to be some of the best shows we will ever play.....Watch this space! Farewell Heat-Ray!!

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