Sunday, 22 July 2012

North Of Nowhere!

Well today was finally the day we release our debut album 'North of Nowhere'

We went for a practice session at midday to go through the set and final preparations for the gig, Paul joined us later and we went to get some food before we packed down to load the van. Kris then joined later with a couple of crates of beer, would be rude not to drink them!
We loaded the van around 5 and set off to Fruit.

All the bands got to Fruit at roughly the same time so was nice to all chat and mingle while we soundchecked and set up all the merch and the CD's
Things were a little late kicking off, there was a few sound issues with the drum mic's but things got sorted and people who were waiting outside for the doors to open got let in around the 7:15 mark.

Incubated kicked things off with a blinding set around 7:45, the crowd really seemed to get into them which is awesome to see as they've always been good friends of ours/
Battalions were up next and for the people who never saw them before, they were in for a treat. The bnad also played a corking set, again the crowd loved them
Pastel Jack took to the stage around 9:30 (yes the gig was running a lot late, but there was loads of people there so noone cared) Most people know that the PJ guys and us are all great friends so was a pleasure to have them as main support, they're also one of the most popular bands in Hull so the crowd really stepped up for them.

As soon as PJ left the stage we hurried on and set up our stuff, we then give the nod to start!
We opened with 'Triskaidekaphobia' our fastest tune which then led into 'Breaking Point' Dan encouraged people to move to the front and the people didn't disappoint 'Longest Day' was next up and i must say i think this was the best live performance of the song we have ever done. The title track was up next and people seemed to be really getting into the set by this point!
We paid tribute to 2 fallen rock gods next we played a 40 second clip of the legendary Deep Purple song 'Smoke on the water' in memory of Jon Lord followed by 'The Devil Cried' originally done by Heaven & Hell. We wasn't quite sure if people knew the song as it wasn't one of the more popular Dio tracks to play but its one of the bands favorites.

We realized by this point we wouldn't have enough time to finish our full set so we cut a few songs out and decided the next song would be 'When God is gone...The Devil takes hold' This would be the first time we have ever played this live but again it went down great and was lots of fun to play something new on stage.
We finished the set with 'Fuckin' Scum' and this went down so much better than anticipated with the crowd, they were chanting along with us, we even let them sing some of the words, when your up on the stage and people in the crowd are participating like this you cant do anything else but smile like a little kid...Amazing stuff!!

So a perfect end to an amazing day and the end of the 'North of Nowhere' journey as regards to actually releasing the damn thing! Its been a crazy 18 months in the band and this gig was just like a huge weight off our shoulders of everything that's happened within them!

We would just like to say a massive Thank You to everyone who's helped us along the way and everyone who bought anything from the merch stand and most importantly who just came along to support us and the Hull metal scene!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Springboard Festival 2/6/12

After last year's gig we was more than jacked up for this, Springboard has always been one of our favorite shows to play and tonight was no exception!
Dan and James were otherwise engaged for the day at a friends wedding but by the time the band arrived Hallgate Tavern was heaving to the rafters watching our good friends Pastel Jack, who put on an awesome show before we took to the stage!

Tonight was our first hometown show as a 3 piece, so we felt we had a lot to prove to the hometown crowd!
We opened the set with 'Devastated by Reality' a song we haven't played in ages. Felt good to blast some vintage XIII out, we followed up with 'Reign of the Insane' was great to see the crowd singing along to both the opening songs.

'Snakebite' was up next, one of our new songs which will be on album number 2, the crowd, for this stepped it up a gear, chanting and pits were on the agenda for the second half of the song, which considering we've only played this song once or twice in Hull before was an awesome feeling. The crowd didn't hold back for the rest of the set, 'Fuckin' Scum' as always went down a storm as did 'Down 'n' out' and 'North of 'Nowhere'. We chose the songs we though would get this kind of reaction, a 40 minute onslaught of riffs which according to the feedback we got from the crowd didn't disappoint.

We closed the set with 'Longest Day' and 'Triskaidekaphobia' probably the fastest song we've ever written, just to give the crowd one last chance of going mad, which they did!
So another year at Springboard another ace gig with an even bigger crowd than last year! Gig of the year by a long shot!

Thanks to Darren Bunting and Music H.Q for organizing this monster of a day!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

New Song!

A New Song 'A New Generation' is now up on our soundcloud!
The song was written to be the theme tune to NGW (New Generation Wrestling)
This is NOT going to be featured on our debut album and was written especially for NGW

Enjoy \XIII/

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Band Update - 26/4/12

Ok people, as you have probably seen on Facebook the past few days, we have decided to let guitarist, Mark go. This decision was not an easy one at all and as we know people have their opinions on the situation, which everyone is entitled to, but we feel as a band we have made the correct decision and by band we mean Dan, James & Alex, as it was agreed by ALL 3 members.

This decision has no reflection on our feelings for Mark as a person, this is strictly a decision made by the band for the band. We obviously have our reasons why, but we see no reason to share them with anyone except the people involved within the band as it only leads to pointless bickering and childish, which no-one really wants to read.

We wish Mark nothing but best wishes for his future endeavors.

As for the band now, we will NOT be looking for a replacement, but will be now continuing as a 3 piece band. Thank you all for your time.

 Dan, James & Alex

Thursday, 15 March 2012

NGW Recording

Haven't updated for quite a while now! Still busy cracking on with the album!

We are recording the promo video for New Generation Wrestling UK at their next show!! Our song 'A New Generation' is their official theme tune and they have offered to do us a music vid to promote both the band and their wrestling business.

This will not be an upcoming album track, but will be available exclusively at the NGW live shows in the near future!

As for the album, were so close to finishing it now! busy times for us, but we love it! Cheers y'all - \XIII/

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nightmare before Xmas - Scunthorpe, The Tavern 17/12/11

Wow! What a gig to finish the year off!

We arrived at The Tavern to a mixed crowd of Metalheads and what looked like a bunch of football hooligans, the place soon filled out before fellow Hull metallers and friends Pastel Jack took to the stage to perform a blinding set. It was clear from their set that the crowd was definitely up for it tonight, as was Mark and James with an onslaught of sandwiches and pickled onions been thrown around, particularly at band manager Paul Brady, who didn't really give a shit as he was too busy using his free beer vouchers to even care!

Next up was Hawk of fury, whom consisted of members of Scunny metalheads The Occupier whom we have played a fair few shows with. The crowd again was giving it their all.
We was next up, we opened with Reign of the insane off of our e.p following it up with Down 'n' out & North of nowhere, the crowd seemed to love it and was headbanging and dancing throughout.
Next up we debuted a brand new song, so new its going to be on our second album, the song was Snakebite, a more technical side to the band rather than songs such as North of nowhere before it. It was the first time we ever played the song live, and it went perfectly and again got a huge crowd response.

We finished off with The longest day before paving the way for Nightvision to take to the stage who also put on a sterling performance. All in all probably the most solid line up of bands we've played with all year and definitely one of the better crowds. I think the best thing about it was the amount of good feedback we had off people after the gig, someone even said our stuff is what Metallica should be writing now, talk about an ego trip for us!

No doubt we shall be returning to this Awesome venue next year with album in tow, i just wish all gigs were as exciting as this one! Well done Scunny you've done yourself's proud.

Until next year, We wish you all a very metal Xmas!

Until 2012!


Sunday, 30 October 2011

North of Nowhere Artwork Revealed!

As promised, we have reached 500 fans on Facebook, meaning we are now revealing the artwork for our debut album 'North of Nowhere'
The album artwork fits in nicely with the theme of the songs featured on the album including Nuclear war and post apocalyptic themes.

The artwork itself was done by a combination of three people (Vilk42, Marcus J Ranum & our very own Paul Brady)