Thursday, 26 April 2012

Band Update - 26/4/12

Ok people, as you have probably seen on Facebook the past few days, we have decided to let guitarist, Mark go. This decision was not an easy one at all and as we know people have their opinions on the situation, which everyone is entitled to, but we feel as a band we have made the correct decision and by band we mean Dan, James & Alex, as it was agreed by ALL 3 members.

This decision has no reflection on our feelings for Mark as a person, this is strictly a decision made by the band for the band. We obviously have our reasons why, but we see no reason to share them with anyone except the people involved within the band as it only leads to pointless bickering and childish, which no-one really wants to read.

We wish Mark nothing but best wishes for his future endeavors.

As for the band now, we will NOT be looking for a replacement, but will be now continuing as a 3 piece band. Thank you all for your time.

 Dan, James & Alex

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