Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nightmare before Xmas - Scunthorpe, The Tavern 17/12/11

Wow! What a gig to finish the year off!

We arrived at The Tavern to a mixed crowd of Metalheads and what looked like a bunch of football hooligans, the place soon filled out before fellow Hull metallers and friends Pastel Jack took to the stage to perform a blinding set. It was clear from their set that the crowd was definitely up for it tonight, as was Mark and James with an onslaught of sandwiches and pickled onions been thrown around, particularly at band manager Paul Brady, who didn't really give a shit as he was too busy using his free beer vouchers to even care!

Next up was Hawk of fury, whom consisted of members of Scunny metalheads The Occupier whom we have played a fair few shows with. The crowd again was giving it their all.
We was next up, we opened with Reign of the insane off of our e.p following it up with Down 'n' out & North of nowhere, the crowd seemed to love it and was headbanging and dancing throughout.
Next up we debuted a brand new song, so new its going to be on our second album, the song was Snakebite, a more technical side to the band rather than songs such as North of nowhere before it. It was the first time we ever played the song live, and it went perfectly and again got a huge crowd response.

We finished off with The longest day before paving the way for Nightvision to take to the stage who also put on a sterling performance. All in all probably the most solid line up of bands we've played with all year and definitely one of the better crowds. I think the best thing about it was the amount of good feedback we had off people after the gig, someone even said our stuff is what Metallica should be writing now, talk about an ego trip for us!

No doubt we shall be returning to this Awesome venue next year with album in tow, i just wish all gigs were as exciting as this one! Well done Scunny you've done yourself's proud.

Until next year, We wish you all a very metal Xmas!

Until 2012!


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