Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hull Trinity Festival 1/10/11

This was the first year that the Trinity Festival had been played. After the success of the Springboard Festival, we were honoured to Headline the Metal day.

Before us were the mighty Innersylum & Pastel Jack who both puled off monstrous sets, so playing after these guys was quite the task.

We opened the set with 'Fuckin Scum', The mid tempo groove to the song seemed to get people moving, and those who knew the words sang along, by singing i mean shouting "Fuckin Scum" at the chorus'. We ploughed on through our set with songs like 'North of Nowhere' 'Longest Day' 'Reign of the insane' and our new one 'Down n out' which people again seemed to really like, which is a good sign for when the album finally gets released.

We ended on the powerhouse quartet of 'Jackhammer' 'Eclipse' 'Unlucky for some' and 'Trisk' again the crowd, especially those at the front were joining in with the headbanging and chanting. The whole gig on a whole was very relaxed with Dan getting to do his usual 'Jittering' between songs.

Afterwards we received a lot of positive feedback from the show, some people said it was the best show they've seen us ever play, one person even said its the best show he's seen since he saw Machine Head which is never a bad thing! a

A big thank you goes out to everyone who watched us and Mr Darren Bunting for putting us on the show, was one of the better ones we have done it has to be said, the sound was great and the atmosphere was awesome, lets hope we can make a return next year. Its gigs like this that make us realise why we keep doing what we do.

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