Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pastel Jack vocalist to appear of 'North of Nowhere'

Pastel Jack vocalist and friend of XIII, Neil Bailey will make a guest appearance on the track 'Forever' on our debut album 'North of Nowhere'

Pastel Jack are one of the driving forces within the local metal scene in Hull, and with the release of their debut album 'Trojan Horse' coming within the next couple of weeks, we couldn't be more happy then to let Neil guest on one of our tracks.

Forever will be the only song on the album which will feature no drums and will be mainly acoustic with the addition of a piano and harmonica, we wanted to try something a little different then our usual metal style, and with more and more idea's for the song we thought it would be a good chance to include a guest on the album, and with Pastel Jack being such good friends of ours and one of, if not THE best band in Hull, there really wasn't any doubt of who to ask!

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