Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sarah Jezabel Deva 22/10/11

Well what a weekend this turned out to be!

First off we would like to mention a few people who we would like to thank not only because they were involved in the gig, but mainly because of the Fuck ups caused by a so called promoter Myke Frankin, these guys managed to pull together to still put the gig on, so a big shout out to Darren Bunting, Anna Fox and Our Innocence Lost's tour manager Roger whom of which all remained professional, unlike some others!

The gig itself went down as well as could be expected, good sized crowd for our set, we started off with Fucking Scum, which seemed quite fitting as was mainly aimed at earlier mentioned Myke Franklin! We decided to do a bit more of a slower/heavier set tonight so included 'The Beaten Path' back into our setlist, aswell as 'Reign of the insane' & 'The longest day'. We played a few faster numbers towards the end, it wouldn't be a XIII gig without 'Triskaidekaphobia' and 'Breaking point' and the people at the front seemed to enjoy headbanging along with us to them.

We seemed to play pretty well, even though Dan was having a few problems adjusting to his new amp, and James' bass was a little overpowering but nothing too major, and the crowd didn't seem to mind so all was good!
the best thing about doing a gig like this is the amount of positive feedback we get from people in the crowd and on Facebook etc the day after, and we cant thank people enough for their support.

As mentioned before, the fact that this gig even went ahead was a bonus and every other band on the gig gave more than 100% and pulled together to give the crowd a great show!
We also recommend you check out the other bands on the bill: Heartless Angels, Our Innocence Lost, Pastel Jack and of course Sarah Jezabel Deva whom of which couldn't have been more down to earth and professional about the whole situation.

All in all an awesome gig with some awesome bands and a good set of people in attendance!

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